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List of 32 Acadians Who Exchanged Card Money in New Orleans in 1765

The document below was provided by The Acadian Museum in Erath, LA. The document is on a microfilm "France, Archives des Colonies, C 13a Louisiana General Correspondence v. 45 p. 29".

The report was prepared on April 30, 1765, but the card money had been exchanged between February and April 1765.

Card Money  





Alexandre Broussard
Anselme Broussard
Jean-Bpt Broussard
Michel Trahan
Silvain Braud
Brigite Braud
Michel Bernard
Pierre Lagrése *
Charles Babineau
Michel Poirier
Jean Boudro
Joseph Guidry
Abraham Roy
Joseph Bourgeois
Simon LeBlanc
Olivier Thibodeau
Louise Thibodeau
Paul Thibodeau
Pierre Suret
Jean Semère
Augustin Bergeron
Jean-Bpt Bergeron
Joseph Arceneau
Jean Arceneau
Pierre Arceneau
Joseph Guillebeau
Jean-Bpt Cormier
Michel Doucet
Ambroise Martin
Victor Commeau
Grégoire Pellerin
Claude Martin

* Pierre Lagrése was initially interpreted as Pierre Légère, however, research indicates that it was Pierre Lagrése.


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