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Corrections and Additions to Acadian, Cajun and Louisiana Genealogy Records

Since genealogy research is an ongoing process, there will be corrections to published records as new information is found.  This page will serve as a resource for known corrections and other valuable clarifications re name variations, dit names, etc.

Work Corrections
Archdiocese of New Orleans Sacramental Records The Introduction to each volume contains valuable information about name variations, dit names, etc.
Arsenault, Bona: Histoire Et Généalogie Des Acadiens

Jehn, Janet: Corrections & Additions to Arsenault's Histoire et Généalogie des Acadiens.

Boudreaux, Don: Discrepancies Within Bona Arsenault's Histoire Et Genealogie Des Acadiens, Volumes 2-6

Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records

Corrections to the Original Volume II [1770-1803] were made in the Second [February 1986]and Third Printing [April 1996] of Volume II.  Some of the corrections were also included in Volumes 3-16.

The First Families of Louisiana an Index compiled by Donna Rachal Mills, M.A., C.G.R.S.

The 2-volume series of 1970 by Glenn R. Conrad didn't have an index. Ms. Mills compiled and published an index in 1992.

The Brignac listings on page 13 omitted Michel II: 164
Hebert, Rev. Donald J.: South Lousiana Records

TGS: South Louisiana Additions and Corrections.  The book includes additions and corrections to the 12-vol. SLR and also to the South Louisiana Vital Family Records published by TGS

SWLR, v. 34 [1901-1902], Corrections and Additions to the SLR Series, p. 933

Hebert, Rev. Donald J.: Southwest Lousiana Records

vol.33 : supplement, mixed records 1903-1953, slave-black records 1765-1886, corrections and additions 1756-1904

vol. 34 : 1901-1902 partial record, supplement 1833-1900.

34 [1901-1902], Corrections and Additions to the SWLR Series, pgs. 931-932

Hough, Granville W. and N. C.: Spain's Louisiana Patriots in its 1779-1783 War with England During the American Revolution - Part Six Spanish Borderland Studies

The references on page 15 for C: issue number. Churchill, C. Robert, "The Galvez Expedition: 1779-1783," The New Orleans Genesis, incorrectly refers to #60 as Vol XVIII [September, 1976] - it was Vol. XV.

Also, the description states (Officers only) but First Sergeants were also included. In addition, there is age and place of origin information. See for militia lists.

Perrin, Warren A: Acadian Redemption: From Beausoliel Broussard to the Queen's Royal Proclamation. See Books for ordering information. Page 68, 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence: The reference to Raphael Broussard married Rose LeBlanc should be Victor Broussard married Elisabeth LeBlanc.
Trahan, Charles C., Translator: Acadian Census 1671-1752

Stephen A. White has determined that the Census of Acadia: 1732, pages 133 - 140 actually was conducted in 1750/1751.  The Bibliographie will be updated on the online webpage.

Voorhies, Jacqueline K.: Some Late Eighteenth Century Louisianians, pages 421 - 422 interpreted a reference to Fort Toulouse to be Fort Toulouse, AL

Stephen A. White has determined that the year 1758 in the section entitled Census of Acadian Farmers Living Around Fort Toulouse 1758 was actually about 1716 and it was Fort Toulouse, Louisbourg [now Cape Breton]. The material was inadvertently filed in the 1758 section of the microfilmed records. The Bibliographie will be updated on the online webpage.

White, Stephen A. [SAW]: Dictionnaire Généalogique Des Familles Acadiennes

Note: The Bibliographie, pages xvii - xciv; the CLÉ DU DICTIONNAIRE, pages xcv - ci; and, ABBRÉVIATIONS/ABBREVIATIONS, pages ciii - cvii contain valuable information.

Online website: Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, Ajouts et corrections at

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