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Indian Chiefs in Southwest Louisiana

DARDEN, Alexandre chief of the tribe of Chilimachas Indians d. 15 May 1878 at age 35 yrs. (Charenton Ch.: v. 1, p. 93)

JENNIE, Indian chief of Chetimachas d. 14 Jan. 1868 at age 80 yrs. (Charenton Ch.: v. 1, p. 47)

HONORATO - griffe sauvage (Paul, griffe libre & Francisca, griffe libre) bt. 21 June 1797 at age 1 1/2 yrs. Baptized on the farm of Jupiter, the captain of the Indians. This particular record by Fr. Michel BARRIERE is very interesting in that the grandparents are also listed: Paternals are Andres MAS, negre libre & Catalina, sauvagesse; Maternals are Jupiter, grife & Fanchon, an Indian (SM Ch.: Slave Baptisms (1756) v.1, p.81-A)

LA TORTUE, Celestin - Chief of the Attakapas Indians. Sale of land to several Whites. Other Indians also sold land: ACHENAYA; CELESTIN the son of LA TORTUE; JACOB; LOUIS; MAHYPOURRI, the son of a chief of the Attacapas nation; OPELOUSAS TECHOT the husband of the widow PATATE. This sale item includes 26 individual sales of land from the Indians to the Whites from 1784 to 1804. George KING gave this as being official from Opelousas on 15 Nov. 1820 as the "correct and faithful extracts from all sales made by Indians, filed or on record in my office." (Opel. Ct. Hse.: Sale of Land: dated 1820.)

MERMENTAU - Attakapas Chief - [often appears rather as NEMENTAU]: Land Sale to Antoine BLANC 16 April 1784. (LSAR: Opel.: 1784-331)

SOULERIS ROUGE, Eugenie Chief of the tribe of Chetimache Indians bt. 14 April 1867 at age 70 years (Charenton Ch.: v. 1-B, p. 152) [Note: Souleris Rouge should be Souliers Rouge - red shoes.]

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