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Colonial Louisiana Militia Rosters

The Acadians joined the French Creoles, Creoles of Color, Spanish, Germans and others under General Galvez in the American Revolution War to recapture Baton Rouge and the West Florida Parishes in 1779. However, Spain gave assistance beginning in 1776; therefore, the official period for membership in the DAR/SAR is Dec. 24, 1776 to Nov. 26, 1783.

Note: There is some confusion about qualifications for DAR/SAR membership.  Both the French and the Spanish decided to use militias as well as fixed military regiments. Records show that able-bodied men up to age 50 served in the militias.  Since all the militias were responsible for defending against attacks during the Revolutionary Period, it isn't necessary to prove that an ancestor actually served in the campaign to capture Fort Bute, Baton Rouge or Natchez or in the Mobile andf Pensacola Campaigns.

Also, descendants of those who provided financial and other support are eligible for membership. For example, descendants of Spanish troops in New Mexico recently qualified for membership since their ancestors responded to a call from the King of Spain for financial support.

In effect, descendants of all those who were in Louisiana during the period Dec. 24, 1776 to Nov. 26, 1783 are potentially eligible for membership.

Winston De Ville selected and edited records from an unpublished work by Charles Robert Churchill and published Louisiana Soldiers in the American Revolution in 1991. This is a monumental work for genealogists and historians and for those who wish to document eligibility for membership in the Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution.  

Granville W. and N.C. Hough are authors of Spain's Louisiana Patriots in its 1779-1783 War with England During the American Revolution.  In addition to militia lists, this work identifies those who are listed in sacramental and other records during the Revolutionary War Period..

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Note: The books do not include all those who served in the American Revolutionary Period. There are others who are identified in sacramental and historical records who aren't shown as military men in the books.  For example, Juan Vives, spouse of Marguerite Bujol [Bujeaud, several other spelling variations] isn't on a militia list in the books, but he was a Lt. in the Militia.

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