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Patoutville Cemetery Names

If you believe that you may be a descendant but need help in tracing your line upward, or if you have additional information on the persons buried in the tombs tagged for DEMOLITION, please contact Stanley LeBlanc at cajun @

Note: There are dozens of other tombs in various stages of disrepair. FHSNC is mapping the cemetery and taking photos of all the tombs. Approximately 350 photos have already been made. If you want to know if your relative's tomb has been identified, send an email to cajun @

See Patoutville Cemetery Tombs Photogallery for photos of the tombs. 

See Chaux Vive Report for the recommended repair process - it is important not to just use cement!

The National Center for Preservation Technology & Training, National Park Service U.S. Department  of the Interior has prepared a video to demonstrate proper cleaning techniques - see Cleaning a Stone Grave Marker

Those needing directions to the cemetery and information about repair costs may contact Ms. Julaine Deare Schexnayder at 337 365-7667.

See Genealogy Reports Page if you would like to have your Family Tree researched.  Descendants would know if they have a relative buried at St. Nicholas if a family tree had been prepared and passed down to each generation! Talk to your elderly relatives and get started NOW - your descendants will thank you.

Mrs.  Jules Virge Lyons

Spelling variations of Lyons: Lyon, Leon, Lion, Lien.

She is née Virginie Broussard: 10/21/1879 -10/27/1960;  Perhaps "Virgie" is her nickname; Jules Lyons was born 5/30/1877 and died in 1938.  Marriage date: Feb. 06, 1900 in New Iberia.

A son, Jules Lyons was born 12 Sep 1913 and died 28 Nov 1999

Virginie's parents were Hypolite Broussard and Clara Buteaux. Hypolite's mother was a LeBlanc. His Broussard and LeBlanc lines arrived with Joseph Broussard dit Beausoleil in 1765. 

Jules Lyon[s] parents were Alfred and Marie-Modeste Gary. The Gary [Garry, Garrido]  line goes back to Jean Garrido from Alhaurin de la Torre, Spain, one of the Spanish Settlers of New Iberia - see  Malaquenos Settlers from Spain

Emile D. Guidry: 5/27/1831 - 6/15/1915

Brother of Nathalie Guidry Dumenil; baptized as Desire Emile. His parents were Joseph Guidry, bn 1783 in Nantes, France and Emelie Bonvillain, bn 1795 in St. Mary Parish. Emelie Bonvillain was an aunt of Uralie Bonvillain who married Andre Lancon so Emile D. and Nathalie Guidry were Uralie's first cousins.

Joseph Guidry arrived in LA in 1785 on Le Beaumont. He m. Emelie Bonvillain on April 14, 1817.  His sister, Victoire Guidry was born in Ascension Parish in April 1787. She married Jean Pierre Dartes on 8/28/1807; and died before 11/16/1830. His sister, Anne was born in 1791 in Ascension Parish. She m. Francois Senetiere on May 21 1811 and died 7/13/1862 in Charenton.

Clovis Lion [Leon]: 9/29/1875 - 7/31/1912 Brother of Jules Lyons
Andre Lancon [Andre-Philippe] & Uralie Bonvillain

Note: Some South Louisiana Records show Lancon as Melancon, but the surname was actually Lanzon [Lancon]. The progenitor was Lorenzo dit Michael Lanzon from Malta, son of Beligno Lanzon and Ana Margarita Micale,  who married Anne Michel, daughter of Francois and Anne Daigle.

Andre was a grandson of Lorenzo. His parents were Phillipe Lancon and Marianne Hebert. Marianne's parents were Jean Louis Hebert and Marie Doiron.

Andre and Uralie are husband and wife and are buried together. Andre: 11/27/1834 -10/13/1888; Uralie Bonvillain: 6/17/1836 - 7/4/1897 - Note: grave is covered with vines.

Uralie [Euralie] was a first cousin of Emile D. Guidry and Nathalie Guidry.

Uralie's maternal great-grandfather was Henri Schuyler Thibodaux, founder of Thibodaux, LA. who was Acting Governor of Louisiana for a month in 1824 - see 

Henri Schuyler Thibodeaux was an Acadian orphan in New York who was reared by General Schuyler who was a general in The American Revolution under George Washington. He m.1 Felicite Bonvillain; m.2 Brigitte Belanger

Her paternal grandmother was Marie Therese Carlin, daughter of Francois Carlin and Marie Sauvagin. She was reared by her uncle, Joseph Carlin who was married to Francoise Lange. Joseph Carlin was a Sergeant in the Attakapas Militia and served in The American Revolution under Galvez. His descendants are eligible for membership in the Sons and Daughters of The American Revolution.

The following children have been identified for Andre and Uralie:

  • Alphonse [Alphonse-Andre], bn 5/6/1859 at Houma, LA  m. Esperie Bodin, 8/23/1886 at Charenton, LA; children [all born at Charenton, LA]: Marie Eva, 6/28/1887; Marie Louise, 12/21/1889; Joseph, 4/30/1892; Marie Aline, 6/10/1894; Marie-Uranie, 2/6/1899

  • Albert, bn 2/7/1863 at Houma, LA [bt. as Norbert; aka Robert] m. Marie Doty 1/11/1886 in Jeanerette, LA; son Joseph Andre bn 1/14/1891 at Charenton, LA

  • Alfred, bn 12/18/1865 at Houma, LA  m. Emelie Derouen 1/9/1895 at Louisa, LA. A daughter, Rita Alice was born 10/9/1897 at Louisa, LA.  Emelie's parents were Avenelle [Abner] Derouen and Alice Doty.  Alice Doty's parents were Robert Doty and Virginie Kershaw [see entry below for Mary Virginia Kershaw and Robert Doty]

  • Emma, bn 12/12/1869 m. Telemaque Dumenil, 1/6/1890 at Charenton, LA

  • Emelie Eugenie, bn 10/7/1871 m. William Moore 11/15/1892 at Louisa, LA

  • Frank, bn 10/17/1874

  • Marianne Eve, bn 11/8/1876 at Charenton, LA

  • Marie, m. Eugene Prince 3/19/1877 at Charenton, LA

  • Marie-Florida, bn 3/15/1879 at Charenton, LA m. Paul Etie 1/4/1900 at Louisa, LA

  • Sylvia m. Robert Breaux 8/15/1894 at Louisa, LA

Rene Moreau  & Sterling Paul Moreau There are two children [probably half-brothers] in this one plot. The small marker is cast iron.

Rene: 6/3/1893 - 6/21/1894
Sterling Paul Moreau: 12/10/1906 - 2/20/1907

Sterling Paul Moreau was the son of Paul Moreau and Susanne Walker who married 8/24/1899. Rene may have been a son of Paul with a different wife since Paul was 29 when he married Susanne. Paul Moreau was born in Breaux Bridge. His parents were Eugene Moreau and Marie Semere.

Susanne Walker, bn. 11/25/1878 in Patoutville, was a daughter of Sterling M. Walker and Cora Walker, and a sister of Willy [William Antoine] who married Marie Emma [Esma] Deslatte, daughter of Clay Deslatte and Calisse Savoie. Cora Walker was a  sister of Sylvanie Walker who m. Aristide Bernard, son of Onesime Bernard and Rosalie Hebert. 

Nora Louviere: 12/28/1885 -10/13/1909  
Ducleon Louviere: 2/2/1845 - 6/13/1903; m.1 Philomene LeBlanc: 12/27/1847 - 9/20/1891; m.2 Cora Landry: 7/5/1871 - ?, dau. of Luc Landry & Lesima Gary

Claimed by Gerald Hebert and his wife Mary - repairs will be completed by the Sons of the Confederacy

Identification taken from a Confederate Veteran's grave marker. Co. I 6 La. Cav.

Ducleon was a nephew of Sylvestre Louviere.  Philomene LeBlanc's great-grandaunt was Rose LeBlanc, the first Acadian Nun in Louisiana - see

Telesphore Guillot There was a small lead plaque found lying on another grave 7/17/1873 - 8/11/1895 which included his name and the following inscription: "June 17, 1873 age of 22 August 4, 1895" - It was near a grave identified as "Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Guillot--Oleus and Michel". 

Telesphore Hilaire, son of Bernard Guillot and Marie Guillot was born 7/16/1873 at Patoutville.

Alfred-Oleuse Guillot, son of Telesphore [Telles, Thales] Guillot and Modeste Thibodeaux, was born 10/10/1854 at Thibodaux, LA. He married Eliska [Elisca] Hebert, bn abt 1865 in Lafourche Parish, daughter of Villier Hebert and Mary Arcement on June 1, 1881 at Jeanerette.  Alfred and Eliska had 11 children - 3 were born at Patoutville. A son,Thomas-Oleus, was bn 1882; and a son, Joseph Michel was born 1888 in Jeanerette and died 7/7/1898 at Patoutville.

Alfred's sister, Honorine Guillot married Alfred Dupont and they had several children at Patoutville.

Arsene Louviere: 2/24/1844 - 9/10/1896 and husband, Ovide Broussard Arsene was a daughter of Sylvestre Louviere and his first wife, Marcelienne Derouen.  She was a sister of Octave Louviere who married Alzire Broussard. Ovide Broussard, bn 1/12/1844 was the son of Marcellin Broussard and Claire LeBlanc. He was a brother of Alzire Broussard who married Octave Louviere.
Sylvestre Louviere: 6/13/1806 - 4/29/1881

CLAIMED and repaired

Sylvestre's is possibly one of the earliest burial at this site. He was a father of a total of 21 children with 2 wives: 13 with his first wife, Marcelienne Derouen; and, 8 with his 2nd wife, Virginie Bonin.  According to Bryan Hebert, a GGGG-Grandson, Sylvestre  has hundreds of living descendants.
Emerite [Emerise] Louviere: 9/1/1869 - 4/12/1886 Daughter of Octave Louviere and Alzire Broussard; niece of Arsene Louviere and Ovide Broussard;  and, granddaughter of Sylvestre Louviere
Virginie Bonin: 7/11/1828 - 7/6/1884 Sylvestre Louviere's second wife. She bore him eight children. In addition to the dates and name were the words, "& son epouse"
Nathalie Guidry Dumenil: 4/29/1828 - 5/5/1904, wife of Joseph N. Dumenil Nathalie is a sister of Emile D. Guidry.  Her parents were Joseph Guidry and Emelie Bonvillain. Emelie Bonvillain was an aunt of Uralie Bonvillain so Nathalie Guidry and Emile D. Guidry were Uralie's first cousins.

See entry above for Emile D. Guidry for information on Nathalie's line.

Mr. & Mrs. Leonce Broussard Leonce Broussard, bn 2/27/1873 at Patoutville, was the son of Philippe Broussard and Olympe Landry. Cora Marie Hebert, bn 7/16/1871 at Patoutville, was the daughter of Laclaire Hebert and Odilia Hebert. They married 1/23/1893 in Patoutville, La.
Joseph Dupuy - 1841-1905?

CLAIMED and repairs are underway

Joseph Dupuy [Dupuis] of New Iberia married Marie Davy [Davis] on 11/29/1869 in Patoutville, LA
Onesime Bernard,  9/16/1813  -  1890

CLAIMED and repaired by Lewis B. Bernard of Lafayette, great-great-grandson

Note: See right column for descendants who served in WWII

Husband of Rosalie Hebert, bn 12/10/1816 in Assumption Parish, and father of Clelie and Philomene - see next entry.
In addition to Clelie and Philomene, Onesime and Rosalie Hebert had the following children:
Aristide, bn 5/26/1837 at Thibodaux, LA m. Sylvanie Walker on 7/30/1868 at New Iberia, LA.Sylvanie was the daughter of James H. Walker and Julienne Azelina Patin. She was a sister of Cora Walker who married Paul Moreau. Aristide and Sylvanie had the following children:
  • Amanda, bn 1869
  • Rosalie-Genevieve, bn 1/4/1870
  • Victoria, bn 5/6/1872
  • Adolphie-Clelie, bn 5/26/1875
  • Alice, bn 5/26/1875
  • Andre-Conerade, bn 2/12/1877, d. 1/6/1880
  • Aurelie, bn 11/5/1878
  • Clothilde Sydonie, 8/25/1880
  • Espasie-Celeste, 10/20/1882
  • Aristide-Cleophile, 10/26/1886 - Grandfather of Lewis B. Bernard who claimed and repaired the tomb
  • Effie-Lelie, 8/6/1889

Marie Aurelie and Rosalie Aurelia [twins], bn 12/26/1838 at Thibodaux, LA

Felicie, bn 12/8/1850 at Thibodaux. LA m. Leon Lyons [Lions] 12/26/1867 in New Iberia. Leon was born abt. 1849 and was the son of Joseph Leon Lyons and Rosalie Hebert. Felicie and Leon Lyons had the following children:
  • Marie-Cora, bn 8/24/1870 m. Arthur Jean Rogers on 4/13/1891 at Jeanerette, LA>/li>
  • Leonard, bn 9/17/1872
  • Corine, bn 5/28/1875 m. Auguste LeBlanc on Jue 4 1897 at Jeanerette, LA. Auguste was the son of Bernard LeBlanc and Clemence Broussard.
  • Arthur Polycarpe, bn 12/19/1877
  • Felix, bn 1/15/1880 Note: Two sons of Felix, Leon Paul Lyons and Felix Joseph Lyons, served in WWII Leon Paul Lyons - see WWII Memorial Booklet, Sheet 2, p1,r2 & p3,r1
  • Hortense, bn 1/9/1886, d. 4/12/1865 m. Charles Walker who was bn 6/11/1879 and d. 6/1/1956. Charles Walker was the son of William and Camilla-Philomene Dooley.
  • Leonce-Alcide, bn 10/5/1883
  • Leon, bn 8/21/1888
  • Clay-Onesime, bn 10/30/1891
Clelie Bernard:  June 20, 1842 - Jan.9, 1900

Philomene Bernard:
Sept. 16, 1848 - July 17, 1878

CLAIMED and repaired by Lewis Bernard of Lafayette, great-grandnephew

Clelie and Philomene were daughters of Onezime Bernard and Rosalie Hebert

Philomene m. Alfred Deslatte, brother of Clay in 1873. They had one son, Felix-Joseph, bn 6/21/1876 at Patoutville. Felix m. Clarisse Broussard 4/25/1897 in Jeanerette. They had several children born in Jeanerette and then they moved to Port Arthur, TX.

Following the death of Philomene, Alfred Deslatte m. Augustine Petitfils on 2/6/1886 in Jeanerette.

Alzire Broussard: 1/25/1846 - ? & Octave Louviere: 6/5/1847 -? Alzire Broussard was a daughter of Marcellin Broussard and Claire LeBlanc. She was a sister of Ovide Broussard who married Arsene Louviere. Octave Louviere was a son of Sylvestre Louviere & Marcilienne Derouen; father of Emerite; and, brother of Arsene.
Mary Broussard A broken concrete cross with handwritten inscription, barely legible. Grave is made of bricks with open end.
Jean Deslatte, Oct. 1820 in St. John the Baptist Parish - 3/18/1886 m. Pauline Hebert,  8/16/1821 at Thibodaux, LA - 8/8/1897

Clay Deslatte [Delatte]: 4/29/1859  at Thibodaux, LA - 5/26/1901 & Calisse Savoie: 4/16/1863 - d. ?

Jean Deslatte Tomb Claimed by George Rodrigue, the Blue Dog Artist, great-grandson

Clay [Clet] Deslatte [Delatte], son of Jean Deslatte and Pauline Hebert was born in Thibodaux,lA and died at Patoutville. Calisse [Caliste, Calice, Calissi, Colice, Claris] Savoie, bn 4/16/1863, was the daughter of Emilien [aka Similien] and Carmelite Broussard. Clay and Calisse married 1/5/1886 in Jeanerette, LA.

Children of Clay  & Calisse are:

  • Marie-Emma [aka Esma], bn 11/4/1886, m. Willy Walker June 7, 1906 in Jeanerette, LA. Willy [William-Antoine], bn 11/25/1880, was the son of Sterling M. Walker and Cora Walker who were 2nd cousins. Willy and Esma had a son named Allain St. Joseph, bn 3/27/1907 in Jeanerette, LA. Willy Walker died 7/16/1933
  • Louise-Agnes, bn 1/8/1888
  • Clovis-Alexandre, bn 4/30/1889
  • Leon, bn 4/10/1891
  • Hypolite, bn 2/19/1893
  • George-Albert, bn 3/14/1895
  • Achille-Robert, bn 7/25/1897, d. 4/26/1901
  • Luke-Ignace, bn 4/9/1899
Carmelite Derouen: Died May 24, 1899 age 72; Joseph Philogene Gary: Died June 1, 1889 age 69

CLAIMED by Spencer F. Gee and Ruth Gee Eldridge, great-great-grandchildren

Tomb is broken open at one end.  Carmelite Derouen, bn 11/23/1826, was the daughter of Jacques and Adele Bonin. Joseph Philogene Gary, bn 4/3/1822, was the son of Joseph Gary and Rosalie Domingue. He is a descendant of the Garrido [de la Torre] line from Malaga, Spain that settled New Iberia in early 1779 - see
Wilfred Dugas, 12/7/1873 - 9/18/1896, son of Fortune [Florent] Dugas, bn. about 1830, died 7/27/1896 and Leontine Bonin, 12/18/1831 -d. ?, dau. of  Moise Bonin and Denise Breaux

So the tomb contains the bodies of Wilfred and his father, Fortune.

Tomb is covered with vines. Ici repose son et pere; Translation: "here lies son and father"
Alexandrine Gary: 2/1/1870 - 11/ 2/1898
Married to Oscar Naquin

CLAIMED by Larry Gary and his sister, Delores Gary Plaisted

Alexandrine was a daughter of Joseph Philogene Gary and Carmelite Derouen
Benjamin P. Hebert

Engraved epitaph reads:
Born Dec. 5, 1865 - Died July 10, 1896 "Farewell my wife and children and all
From you a father Christ doth call
Mourn not for me, it is vain
To call me to your sight again.

Wife: Rose Haydel: 5/17/1871 - ?

CLAIMED and repaired by Earline Benton Hebert, great grand-daughter, and other Hebert Descendants - see  note in right column from Ms. Benton to Nancy Armentor Lees, member of the Friends of Historic St. Nicholas Cemetery [FHSNC]

Benjamin's parents were Nicolas Mathurin Hebert and Suzanne Appolline [Suzanne Pauline] Borel. His grandmother was a Gary.

***Note received from Earline Hebert Benton, Great Grand-Daughter***

Dear Nancy:

You have my permission to use my e-mails, name or any other information that I have sent or might send later.

I am our family historian for all of our various families, of which most were from your area of Louisiana.
My Grandmother, Hilda Mae Olivier, wife of Earl who was one of Benjamin's sons, actually took the 1910 Louisiana, St. Mary Parish, Ward 2, Pt. A, District 86, census, and on April 23, 1910 was at Rose's home and met her future husband Earl. You are all angels in my book for taking your valuable time to gather such wonderful information that assists all who are interested in their family roots.

We are in the process of contacting thirty-one great-grandchildren and one hundred + great-great-grandchildren who are grown, married and have children, to have them contribute to the fund we are creating to repair the graves and have headstones made

Again thank you and all the others for giving me back my Great Grand Parents and allowing our family to take care of their needs at the cemetery. I had some great letters about how proud they were to take part in this restoration and how proud our fathers and mothers would be of us.

Earline Hebert Benton
Groves, Tx

Mary Louviere: Nov. 22, 1834 - Oct. 13, 1888  
Mary Virginia Kewshaw [Kershaw]: April 17, 1836 - Dec. 24, 1886, Wife of Robert Doty: 3/23/1829 - bef. 11/19/1887

CLAIMED and repaired

Located next to Jessie LeBlanc. Any connection? Description: bricks at ground level.

Robert and Mary Virginia Kershaw [aka: Kerchau, Cashow, Cocha, Cachot, Cachet, Cacha] were married 12/29/1852 in Franklin, LA. Robert Doty's father was born in Ohio.  His mother was Eurasie Borel.  Mary Virginia Kershaw's parents were Thomas Kershaw and Pelagie Borel.

Children of Robert Doty and Virginie Kershaw:

  • Oscar Doty, bn 11/8/1855 at Charenton, LA m1. Clara Tremble 9/17/1876 at Charenton; m2 Marcella Marie Pepper 4/28/1879 at Charenton, LA
  • Alexandre Doty, bn 11/1/1856 at Charenton, LA m. Anne Haydel 9/16/1889 at Jeanerette, LA
  • Alice Doty, bn abt 1857, m. Avenelle Derouen 4/29/1878 at Charenton, LA; A daughter, Emelie, bn abt 1879 m. Alfred Lancon, grandson of Andre Lancon and Uralie Bonvillain, 1/9/1895 at Louisa, LA - their daughter, Rita Alice was born 10/9/1897 at Louisa, LA; son Robert was bn 10/3/1884 at Louisa, LA
  • Henry Doty, bn 11/28/1858 at Charenton, LA
  • Mary Doty, bn abt. 1859 m. Albert Lancon 1/11/1886 at Jeanerette, LA. Albert [aka Norbert and Robert] was the brother of Alfred who m. Mary's sister, Alice. Children: Joseph Andre, bn 1/14/1891 at Charenton; Robert, bn 2/21/1893 at Louisa, LA
  • Anderson m. Eugenie Savoie 4/14/1878 at Louisa, LA. A son, Robert was born 3/3/1883 at Louisa, LA
  • Frank m. Amanda Hanes 12/24/1888 at Charenton, LA
Leonce Landry: July 27, 1854 - Dec. 17, 1923
Amelie [Clark] Landry: Jan. 2, 1849 [should be 1860]- Oct. 23, 1917

CLAIMED by Earl J. Landry, Susan Landry Derouen, Beverly Schumacher  Landry and Edward J. Landry.

Note: This grave is in poor condition, but has not been marked for removal.

Leonce and Luc Landry were double first cousins.  His father was a brother of Luc's father and his mother [a LeBlanc] was a sister of Luc's mother.

Amelie's grandfather was Clark Hardy a Presbyterian from New Hampshire.  He married Marie-Louise Leignon [Loignon, Lognion, Legnon] in 1807. Her father, Francois, used the surname Clark.

Adonia Louviere: April 1, 1875 - July 31, 1949 Located near the Patout family vault.
Luc Landry: 1838 -1905;  m. Lesima Gary, bn. 8/13/1844 Daughter, Cora Landry, bn. 7/5/1871 was the 2nd wife of Ducleon Louviere.

Luc and Leonce Landry were double first cousins.  His father was a brother of Leonce's father and his mother [a LeBlanc] was a sister of Leonce's mother.

Anbert J. La Incomplete name: Broken headstone. Part of last name is missing. Could be "Landry" or "Lancon"
Sanchez Myers: 1903 -1951
Sanchez Myers, Jr.
Two broken crosses atop an open tomb. South of Patout family plot.

According to information received from a family member, Sanchez 'Bill" Meyers was Sanchez William Meyers. He was married to Emma Walker. The remains of Sr and Jr were moved when Emma Walker Meyers died and are buried in Scott, LA along with another of their sons.

Sanders Vine-covered tomb. [aka Sandrez, Sandres] - Joseph-[Amide or Amedee] Sanders, 1856-1903. Married Odilia Dugas. Odilia's mother was Rosalie Landry, sister of Leonce Landry. Her father was Pierre Dugas, Rosalie's 1st husband. 
Justilia Thibodeaux: Died Sept. 1901, age 28

CLAIMED - Being Repaired

Bt. as Marie Justinia, daughter of Gustin [Augustin] & Modeste Thibodeaux,  b. 20 March 1873. Augustin and Modeste were first cousins who were born in Thibodaux, LA. Their fathers were born in France to Exiled Acadians and they came to LA in 1785. 

SWLR death record shows Justilia buried 12 Sept. 1901 at 21 years, but that was a transcription error since tomb shows age 28 and 28 is correct based upon her birth date in 1873.

Edgar Toups, 4/10/1892 - Jan 1971 Edgar's parents were Joseph and Zulma Roddy who married 12/29/1873 at Montegut, LA. 
Unknown Unknown Pile of bricks, near eastern side of cemetery, near cane field.

There are other grave sites which have deteriorated to the point where this is all that remains: depressions in the ground, perhaps a pile of bricks. Identification can only be made if the adjacent plot is marked and in good repair. Family members may know the identity of the apparently abandoned and neglected site nearby. For example, a broken brick tomb next to that of Alexander Gary or one near Ben Hebert. There is also one that is made of concrete with a raised cross made of bricks, located near the road not far from the Patout plot. Or a plain concrete tomb about two feet above ground abutting a tree (there are few trees in the cemetery).


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