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World War II Souvenir Edition
Published in the Jeanerette Enterprise in 1945

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I would be honored to expand this booklet to provide information on marriages, children, life accomplishements, death dates, etc. for those listed in this very special booklet. If you have information to share, please send it to or post it on the Facebook page at

Near the end of World War II, the Jeanerette Enterprise, under the leadership of Mr. A. J. Hebert, Editor, published a World War II Souvenir Edition Pamphlet as a supplement to the newspaper. It  contained the photos and a brief bio of the men and women serving their country from Jeanerette, Louisiana and the vicinity.  It also contained patriotic ads. 

In a Foreword, Mr. A.O. Rhoad thanked the Editor and stated:

"...It is the hope of Mr. Hebert that a copy of this volume will reach every one of our community now in the service and that it will serve as a convenient place to make additional notations of events in the lives of the boys and girls listed herein.  It is also the hope that this volume will be guarded so that years hence 'when like our sires our sons are gone' those for whom this war is fought can turn over the leaves, then yellow with age, and point with pride to that fore bearer of theirs and read the notations under his or her photograph.  You, old soldiers of today, will then be more than a name on a family tree; your life, your work, your sacrifices will live again for a moment or two in the memories of your grateful descendants."

Patricia Hebert Forsander provided a copy of one of the "yellowed with age" pamphlets. She had contacted The Daily Iberian regarding the copyright and was informed that the pamphlet could be copied or published to fulfill the desire of Mr. A. J. Hebert, the Editor, that it be available for future generations.  Mrs. Forsander dedicated the pamphlet to the memory of her sister, Harriet Hebert Schwing, a Jeanerette Native and long-time resident of New Iberia, who passed away of September 18, 2007 in New Iberia.  In addition to her many other life achievements, Mrs. Schwing was an enthusiastic genealogist. 

Note: Mrs. Forsander passed away June 25, 2008 in Seattle, Washington.  She is buried in St. John Cemetery, Lafayette, LA.

The original copy was donated to the Jeanerette Museum; and, a copy was donated to the Louisiana State Archives to add to it's collection.  Ms. Judy Riffel, Treasurer of Le Comité des Archives de la Louisiane and Editor of Le Raconteur has provided the following information about the collection:

The Louisiana State Archives has three versions of the book entitled Fighting Men of Louisiana and A History of World War II, covering a multi-parish area (accession #P1986-131 and #N2001-20); three versions of The Men and Women in World War II, covering Avoyelles, DeSoto, Natchitoches, Sabine, and Webster Parishes (#N2003-6); and a booklet entitled 1945 Acadia Parish, La., Honor Roll (#N2003-6). All seven books are available on microfilm. None of the books were originally indexed, however, volunteers indexed each one. Hard copies of those indexes are also available on the shelf in the Archives' Research Room library.

Although copies of some of these books can be found in a few libraries around the state, the Archives' collection is believed to be the largest collection in one place of the books commemorating Louisiana service men and women in World War II.

This project was made possible through the efforts of Le Comité des Archives de la Louisiane - the non-profit support group for the Louisiana State Archives.

The Jeanerette Enterprise Souvenir Edition has been converted into Adobe PDF files. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in in order to view the files.

If you need to download this free plug-in, please go to the Adobe download page

Cover; Inside Cover - a Salute from Jackson Brewing Co., New Orelans, LA Publisher's Note Foreword

Page 1

r1: Tarlton Guyote, R.J. Veazey, Albert H. Carlos
r2: Francois Derise, Roy H. Martin, Allen Landry

Page 2

r1: Mason LeBourgeois, Jack Martin, Joe Barrilleaux
r2: Alvin L. Stansbury, Felix Joseph Lyons, C.C. Mendoza

Page 3
r1: Charles McGowan Cyr, Lawrence R. Bourgeois, Bernette G. Barrilleaux
r2: Cyril J. Hebert, Perry Gary, Dennis Louviere

Page 4

r1: Leon Paul Lyons, Guy C. Kaufman, Francois Robichaux
r2: Ethel M. Bergeron, Alfred J. Pontiff, Robert J. Patout

Page 5

r1: Ralph Olivier, Jr., George King Pratt, Dell Hebert, Jr.
r2: Eldredge Bourgeois, Donald J. Martin, Edgar Bienvenu, Jr.

Page 6

r1: Roy Barrilleaux, Robert J. LeBlanc, Walter Guyote
r2: Alex Thibodeaux [June 26, 1919 - Aug. 27, 2011], Cyril K. Moresi, Wilson F. Clark

Page 7

r1: Willard P. Hebert, Leonard Paul Robichaux, Clifton A. Bodin [Sep. 14, 1922 - Dec. 18, 1979]
r2: Elwood M. Hebert, Hugh L. Bracey, Leonard J. Pontiff

Page 8

r1: Laurance Thibodeaux, Harold "Billy" Barrilleaux, Hilton Louis Broussard
r2: Paul Relius Derouen, A.J. Guiberteau, Stoonie Stansbury

Page 9

r1: Lawrence J. Borel, group photo [l to r]: Jack Martin, Francis Derise, Edwin Gaultier, Nolton Derise [1922 - Dec. 19, 2000]
r2: Gerald H. Wattigny, Gus Henry, Preston Petitfils

Page 10

r1: Richard J. Romero, Howard Labauve, Ronald R. Hebert
r2: Eugene Borel, Ward Lejeune, Rodney J. Banta

Page 11

r1: Martin Hebert, Warren A. Begue, Harvey Bouton
r2: Roy Norton Garcia, John Broussard, Lionel J. Larive

Page 12

r1: Raymond J. Jolet, Beldon A. Chauvin, Nelson Clark
r2: Charles Monnin, Thomas G. Muffoletto, Lawless Guyote

Page 13

r1: Roy J. Derouen, Francis Delcambre, Joseph E. Cormier
p2: Warren L. Melancon, Jr., Alvin Hebert, Harold Boudreaux

Page 14

r1: Leonard Hebert, Jr., Calvin Hebert, Roland Desonier
r2: Tony Macaione, Herman St. Germain, Donald C. Faulk

Page 15

r1: Alexander P. Allain, Melvin J. Schexnayder, Larry Gonsulin
r2: John Macadonne, Nelson Dooley, Julien M. Hebert

Page 16

r1: J. Alfred Domingues, Charles Robichaux, Walter Robin
r2: Edwin LeBlanc, Nelson J. Hebert, Eloise Derise

Page 17

Patriotic Ads: United Gas Corporation, Tabasco - McIlhenny Company, Avery Island, LA; and, J. & J. Wormser, Jeanerette, LA

Page 18

r1: Freddie H. Hebert, Douglas P. Derouen, Hubert F. Delhaye [died 4/20/1944 serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force on active duty in the European Theater]
r2: Melvin J. Louviere, Roy A. Hebert, Lee Roy Barrilleaux

Page 19

r1: Edward J. Dooley, Vincent Sherville, Raymond Hebert
r2: Wilbur L. Allain [died August 1993], Roy Robichaux, Millard "Mike" Mannina

Page 20

r1: Junius Joseph Legnon, Jean Roley Landry [1/2/1926 - 12/13/1992], Vincent Sherville;
r2: Larry Lampo, Charles John Angers, Donald C. Roane, Jr.

Page 21

Patriotic Ad: Thornton's Grab & Derrick Works, Jeanerette, LA

Page 22

Patriotic Ads: Broussard's Grocery and Market; Joe Telotta's Shoe Shop; Pourciau's Dairy; and, Barlyn's

Page 23

r1: Daniel L. Verret, Ira J. Gary, Francis H. Broussard
r2: Lawrence M. Gilmore, Jr., Nathan Simoneaux, Jewel D. Palmer

Page 24

r1: N.J. Roccaforte, Ripley G. Judice, Ulysses Schexnayder
r2: Edward Guillote, Donald Guidry, R.E. Borel

Page 25

Patriotic Ad: Mouret's Funeral Home

Page 26

Patriotic Ads: Tribute by Western Auto to the fighting forces and two of its former employees, Henry Martin [se page 60] and Lawless Thibodeaux [see page 69]; and ad by Landry's Grocery.

Page 27

r1: Theophile Lassigne, Charles DeV. Allain, Martin D. Allain
r2: Clinton B. Griffith, Harold J. Poche, George R. Guiberteau

Page 28

r1: Danna E. Lagarde, Sidney J. Gonsoulin, Neill P. Jeffrey, Jr.
r2: Harold Gonsoulin, Daniel Mc D. Jeffrey, Walter Fitch

Page 29

r1: Clarence Hebert, Lloyd Durocher, Almon G. Duhon
r2: Ad for Harry's Club

Page 30

Honor Roll [81 Names] of Former Employees of Myles Salt Co. Ltd. and Bay Chemical Co, Inc. Weeks Island, La

Page 31

r1: Andrew Simoneaux, Gloria Gonsoulin, Bolden W. Haydel
r2: Howard J. Rivet, Alfred Vincent, Hilton J. Derise

Page 32

r1: Willie J. Hebert, George A. Savoy, Harold Migues
r2: Leonard L. Beauford, Earl Price, Louis Allen Bonnin

Page 33

r1: Ulysse J. Guillotee, John Tovcimar, Herbert Borel
r2: Everette Gouner, Jr., Johnny Vincent, Woodrow Verret

Page 34

Co. "E" 156th Infantry, Louisiana National Guard - Mobilized for active duty in U.S. Army Nov. 1940 - Left Side

Page 35

Co. "E" 156th Infantry, Louisiana National Guard - Mobilized for active duty in U.S. Army Nov. 1940 - Right Side

Page 36

r1: E.G. Landry, Edward J. Melancon, Earl Weber
r2: Gus Robichaux, Jr, Sam Culotta, Shelton Freyou

Page 37

r1: J.C. Landry, Paul Delcambre, Ervin Meyers
r2: Frances O. Landry, Charles Wattigny [4/23/1921 - 7/28/2011], Lee Roy Bonnin

Page 38

r1: Clarence Lemaire, Ervin H. Bodin, Pierre Bourque
r2: Lester Broussard, Ray Francis Begue, Felicien Hue, Jr

Page 39

Patriotic Ad: Weill's Dept. Store

Page 40

Patriotic Ads: Provost and Schexnayder Florists; Bourque's 5c-10c $1.00 Store; A. Schexnayder Grocery; and, Chaney-Patout Electrical Co.

Page 41

r1: Raymond Simoneaux, John Paul Landry, Merlin Kern
r2: Johnny Broussard, Albert W. Lancon, Charles J. Hebert

Page 42

r1: Eugene Baudry, Elton J. Legnon, John Bussy Wormser
r2: Leo Monnin, Joseph D. Doll, Creighton Landry

Page 43

Patriotic Ads: Trappey's Grocery; Beaulieu Oil Company; and, Freeport Sulphur Co.

Page 44

Club Chateau Ad - O.L. Bergeron, Prop.

Page 45

r1: Wilson G. Legnon, Joseph Gonsulin, Charles J. Sanders
r2: Horton Guillotte, Irven G. Pepper, Otrey P. Aucoin

Page 46

r1: Sam J. Sherville, Russell J. Hebert, Wallace Joseph Hebert
r2: Clifford Migues, Lee Mire Migues, Antoine Bouillion

Page 47

Patriotic Ad: Weill's Dept. Store

Page 48

Patriotic Ads: Lapeyrouse Motors, Jeanerette, LA; DeGravelle's Hardware and Feed Store; Mequet Insurance Agency, Jeanerette, LA; and, The Model Company [Sam Karnofsky], New Iberia, LA

Page 49

r1: Aristide Paul Lalande, Jr., Robert W. Jeffrey, Jr., T. J. "Cricket" Viator, Jr.
r2: V. P. Simoneaud, Stella Vincent, Stanley Vincent

Page 50

r1: E. G. Stansbury, Curtis Landry, Allen Hebert
r2: Raymond Schexnayder, Edgar Chaney, Jr., Richard S. Allain

Page 51

Patriotic Ad: Mouret's Cleaners

Page 52

Patriotic Ad: The Avalon Theatre, Jeanerette, LA

Page 53

r1: Uval J. Hebert, Albert S. Brown, III, Walton Hebert
r2: Henry J. LeBlanc, Harry E. James, Bennett P. Laborde, Jr.

Page 54

r1: Gilbert Poche, Elmore J. Martin, Marcus G. Shaw
r2: Ferdinand J. Petitfils, Harris Jolet, Milton J. LaPont

Page 55

r1: John Coleman, Allen Bay Guiberteau, Joseph Sanders
r2: Robert Gerami, George J. Trappey, Jr., Irvin J. Bergeron

Page 56

r1: Denis Dooley, Luke Savoy, Charles Dooley, Jr.
r2: Garland J. Bourgeois, O. M. Sikes, Breland Simoneaux

Page 57

r1: Ernest J. Bonin, Allen Landry, Lester Lassigne
r1: Julius J. Boutte, Ulysse E. Landry, Norbert J. Broussard

Page 58

r1: Harry J. Smith, Jr., Joseph M. Judice, Harry F. Landry
r2: Phillip J. Bonnin, Gerald Myers [d. Jan. 8, 2010], Curtis Myers
[Sept. 13, 1922 - Mar. 7, 2013]

Page 59

r1: Sidney Hebert, Nicholas J. Colletti, Raymond Claude Hebert
r2: Gilbert Migues, Stanley Boudreaux, E. J. Hebert

Page 60

r1: Dupont Landry, Henry S. Martin, Harold J. Broussard
r2: Leonard LeBlanc, Roy J. Walker, Warren P. Patout

Page 61

r1: Curtis W. Viguerie, N. C. Boudreaux, Reed Bailey
r2: Warren G. Hebert, Walter A. Pole, Jr., Francis Leroy Garon

Page 62

r1: Harry J. Clement, Roland Viguerie, Robert L. Camors
r2: Leo J. Bulliard, Harold J. Broussard, Stephen C. Musson, Jr.

Page 63

r1: A. S. Numa Labiche, Jr., Leon G. Moncla, Eugene Bourque
r2: Harold Wormser, L. J. Begue, Whitney May Stansbury

Page 64

r1: Eugene W. Patout, C. G. Landry, Jules "Black" Hebert
r2: Carlyle Bourgeois, Jr. Claude G. Patout, Marshall Chance

Page 65

r1: D. A. Kelly, Elyrns M. Eves, Adolphe Larroque
r2: Lloyd Guiberteau, Jules P. Eskind, Robert J. Miranda

Page 66

r1: Michel Hebert, Tony Mannina, A. J. Hebert
r2: Joseph Muffoletto, Leroy Champagne, Ignace Hebert

Page 67

r1: Albert A. Lancon, Donald J. Dooley, Andrew Moresi, Jr.
r2: H. F. Beslin, Everette Comeaux, Jr., Robert W. Landry

Page 68

r1: Albert S. Tullier, Howard Hebert, Norby Dooley
r2: Douglas B. Robichaux, T. Fred McGowen, Paul Tellotta

Page 69

r1: Lawless Thibodeaux, Morris Clark, Donald P. Hebert
r2: Gerald Walker, Marin Boudreaux, Ulysses Hebert

Page 70

r1: Sam Cathcart, Jr.
r2: Gerald A. Robichaux, Louis J. LeBlanc, Nicholas J. Landry

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