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Need to Locate Family Members - Old Tombs in the Patoutville Cemetery Need Immediate Repairs

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Many tombs in the Historic Patoutville, LA Cemetery need immediate repairs and others are in various stages of deterioration. A non-profit group named Friends of Historic St. Nicholas Cemetery [FHSNC] has been formed to assist St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Lydia, LA  in coordinating efforts to locate descendants and to raise funds to repair the tombs. 

The telephone number for St. Nicholas Church is 337-364-5228. Please call if you:

1) are the owner or the rightful heir of a tomb,
2) you know who the owner or rightful heir is,
3) you know who is buried in a tomb.

Those needing directions to the cemetery and information about repair costs may contact Ms. Julaine Deare Schexnayder at 337 365-7667.

See Patoutville Cemetery Names for names and genealogy information; and, for the tombs that have been claimed and repaired.

See Patoutville Cemetery Tombs  for photos of tombs that need immediate repairs.

Note: Some tombs are unmarked.  The locations of the unmarked tombs have been identified and a cemetery map is being prepared. FHSNC recommends that markers be placed on these tombs to prevent those entombed from being lost to history as relatives who know who is buried there die.

See Don Louviere's Louisiana Cemeteries Page for a map of the Patoutville Cemetery; a List of Names in Alphabetical order; a pop-up map with nemes; and, photos of tombs in alphabetical order.  

FHSNC had the tombs reviewed by Chaux Vive, a non-profit organization, that specializes in the repair of historic cemeteries and tombs; and, a report has been prepared to provide recommended repair procedures - it is important not to just use cement! See Chaux Vive Report.

The National Center for Preservation Technology & Training, National Park Service U.S. Department  of the Interior has prepared a video to demonstrate proper cleaning techniques - see Cleaning a Stone Grave Marker under Cemetery Documentation.

On Monday, February 26, 2007, The Daily Iberian published two articles in a special section of lifestyles, a look at some of what makes living in the teche area unique. Permission has been graciously granted to reproduce the articles on this site. The format has been retained to the extent possible when converting from a full-size newspaper layout to a web page layout. See Not Ready to Rest

The Jeanerette Enterprise published an article on the historic tombs in the Wednesday, October 25, 2006 edition [64th Year, Number 27]; and, it has given permission for it to be provided on this site.  See Marked tombs identified as 'abandoned'   Note: The Jeanerette Enterprise is published each Wednesday.

Note: FHSNC plans to map the St. John the Evangelist Church Cemetery in Jeanerette, LA. See story in the April 18, 2007 edition of The Jeanerette Enterprise

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